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Chanting Japa

Mala materials

I am wondering if the materials of one's mala will affect the chanting practice.

I know that Tulsi is often recommended. Will the energy of the Tulsi help with one's chanting?

Also I am wondering about an old mala which I used in the 1990s, which I really love and have a lot of sentiment attached to it. A couple of the wooden beads cracked and fell off. So there are two spaces with no bead, when I use the mala I have just been chanting the mantra for that space as if there was a bead. What is the best thing to do with a mala when it is worn out like that? I know I should probably start using a new mala that is fully intact. Is it acceptable to hang up the old one where I can see it and it will remind me of Krishna?

Amount of sleep necessary

I have heard different things about the amount of sleep an adult person needs; please advise me. I would like to be awake more often to chant but find myself falling asleep and weak of will power. Thank you!

Songs For Krishna

Please Post links of all songs which you think are the best for listening in devotion for Krishna.

Chanting makes me emotional

Hare Krishna!

I have been chanting for about 2 years. And sometimes, especially with the HK Songs of Krishna Das (on youtube) I get very emotional and could start crying. Actually I was not brave enough to ask somebody in the real world, so that is why I am happy to find this board :)

Can you give me an explanation for this action? Do I have unreleased emotions which are blocked through the day? I am a very open person and I always care about my person and my thoughts.

Thank you very much :)

Chanting 16 rounds a day cured my depression and insomnia

Of course, I am still just a stupid ignorant fool but at least this fool is chanting 16 rounds a day now. I'm happy and I'm sleeping well at night.

Case Study - Dhukhi aatma das

Dukhi atma dasa and his family are good standing devotees since twenty five years. You have known the family since the last ten years that you came to Krishna consciousness.

Dear Devotees I need some help from Brainwashing

A few years ago I spent some time in a Mental Hospital under an unscrupulous Psychiatrist that wanted to put his foot in the door of my life and influence my Bhakti in a way that made him feel he put an appropriate touch on my life.

He used advance mind control behavioral therapy techniques to encourage me to chant less because he felt it was dominating my life.

At that time I had chanted for 5 years daily faithfully nice jappa 16 rounds. I had even made up for lost time before that during break periods.

My guru also help establish jappa in my life very strongly, enabling me to meditate with thoughts of Krishna I had never foreseen as possible.

Please come to this tread and give me help meditating again, I really want to chant Jappa 16 rounds but this man has left a powerful psychic impression on me like a haunting ghosts and when I try to focus my attention like that again I come to his overbearing demeanor on my psyche.

I am not trying to blame anyone for all this it is my own fault for stoping but this is true brainwashing what he did and I need help, healing from it.

Thank you in advance.

Chant and be happy. - A poem.

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! The above namely chant and be happy is the title of a poem I would like to share with you. Here it is:

Chanting will make you what you want to be;
And Srila Prabhupada introduced this in Tompskins Square Park, by a tree!
In this evil age;
Chanting will make your life turn a new page.
Practice sankirtana and adapt your life to devotional service;
And you won't be stressed out or feel nervous.
Do Deity worship, eat mahaprasadam and read about Krishna;
And even be as chaste Bheesma.
Radha, the gopis and Krishna have a rare attraction;
but not like movies called "Fatal Attraction."
Dharma and the call of duty as a devotee is the special point;
And that is what Srila Prabhupada wanted to drive home as his salient point.
Respect and follow devotional life;
Even families-husband, children and wife.

I am no authority but I have just gathered these facts from hearsay.
Please feel free to comment if you find any faults in the contents of my poem.
Thank you.

HareKrishna maha mantra chant/singing...doing KIRTANA

HareKrishna!...I love to chant/ to do KIRTAN of HARINAMA....HAREKRISHNA MAHA mantra and am looking forward to create a group by which we all could benedict...enjoy:)...and could get connect with the SUPREME LORD SHRI KRISHNA. Please contact me so we all could have this beautiful/blissful feelings SOON!...Thank you...HAREKRISHNA:) <3

need large volumes of iskcon kirtans,bajans and prabhupada lectures.

hare krishna prabhuji once prabhupada said that listening kirtans from liberated soul I mean from krishna devotees can lead to maximum benifits.

I enjoy a lot while listening iskcon bajans and kirtans and so I have downloaded some of mp3 files.

As I feel very happy while listening kirtans I want kirtans and bajans upto 100 gb. I have searched for iskcon dvds to buy but the cost is too high.

I searched web to download mp3s freely and found site useful but I was unable to download.

Prabhuji can anyone of you send these mp3 dvds to me or atleast specify a link where I can download maximum number of kirtans and bajans.

someone said we can download a number of files in zip format and so if you know such a site please suggest the site and procedure.