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Deity Worship

Home Deity worship

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
When I first started in KC, 10yrs ago me the amatuer went out and purchased RadhaKrishna deitys. then I found out I shouldnt have and put them away in my cupboard, for shame of being so stupid waiting to see if i could pass them to someone- but no one came. I decided to worship Gaura Nitai and have done for several years - now my children want to worship and we want to bring Radha Krishna out for worship, because they are here and have been more than patient do you think this is ok to do I know that it is demanding worship and I dont know if I can do it without offence, meaning we have four young children and Gaura Nitai are very forgiving the children are begging me to install them on the altar.. as they have now seen them..half of me says yes and the other is doubtful I can perform worship properly. We live an hr from the temple and likey to be moving further out so this is why we have our temple worship at home. Any guidence would be appreciated.


Shaligram worship

Hare Krishna,

I have Lakshmi-Narayan(Nirsimgha) Shaligram. On the internet the is numerous sites which advises different types of
Shila worship. But im not sure about the authenticity of this information.
Could you please provide description of proper Iskcon way of doing it?

Thank you in advance.