I know Eggs are not allowed but...

Hare Krishna.

Recently, one of my work colleagues asked me "Why I do not eat eggs" and I told her that we (Hindus) beleive that since we are not the once that give life, we can not take it either. By eating eggs we are actually taking away the life of that chicken that could have otherwise hatched into a living organism. Her rebuttal was that the eggs sold in the store today would never hatch because they are produced artificially i.e. a rooster in not present in the reproduction of the egg. Does this mean I can eat eggs? It's not going to hatch into a living organism anyway. Also, Can I eat the egg substitute that are sold in the supermarkets?


Do this has anything prohibited?

I brought some chocolate milk from store. It contained the following ingredients. Can someone tell me whether it has any prohibited item:

Ingredients listed on milk bottle:

1. Reduced fat milk
2. Sugar
3. Cocoa (Processed with Alkali)
4. Salt
5. Carrageenan
6. Vanillin (An artifial flavor)
7. Vitamin A Palmitate and vitamin D3
8. Reduced Fat from 8G to 4.5 G

If somebody can help me figuring it, that will be great. Thanks!

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