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Glorifying Krishna's names, form, qualities and pastimes

Thoughts of You O GhanaShyAma SundarA Shri HarA ~

Maraka Kundal:

He is the Lotus-Eyed Sundar GhanaShyAm who herds the cows barefoot ~ People say His flute is most fortunate, but i think His shark-shaped earrings are fortunate, they constantly hit at His cheeks making Him the cutest for all devotees to see and what better devotional service can there be ? Therefore i bow down to those makarakundala (shark-shaped earrings).

Shri Radha's Baal LIlA

Hare KRshNa
dandavat praNAm to all

Baal KRshNa is all over the place, but what about Baby Radhika?

This poem is so profound - it says Baby Radha saw the moon and wanted to play with it. She was overjoyed on seeing the reflection in a mirror and innocent Baby Radhika tried to hold the moon. She was quite sad and mused quietly when she realized she could not catch the moon.

This is so so profound. Her experience with Her Beloved Moon - KRshNa[Chandra], is just like this, right since infancy.

Not to mention she opened her eyes for the first time to see KRshNa - the baby who came to visit Vrushabhanu and Kirtida and see the Lotus-baby girl who had appeared and whom Vrushabhanu found.

That Radha is none other than KRshNa, as told by shastra, is repeatedly evident each time i gaze at either of Them. Same is happening with this Baby Radha. It is just my KAnhu in feminine rUpa.
I kept clicking on that link all day.

Jaya Radha-Madhava Jaya Kunjabihari


At least something about Krishna as a best musician, please

STATUTORY WARNING: Intoxicating bhajans that may render devotee disinterested in the world

Hare KRshNa

Here is a bhajan by Shrimati Radharani Goswami and group -- so beautiful.

Bhajo Shri KRshNo Chaitann[y]o Prabhu NityAnondo
Hare KRshNa Hare RAm Shri RAdhe Govindo

Jayo RAdhe Govindo, RAdhe Govindo ~

A kind of a ballad - song describing the nAma (name) rUpa (form) lIlA (pastimes) and guNa (divine qualities) of Shri Radhe Govinda after a short introduction and prayer to Shri KRshNa Chaitanya and Prabhu NityAnanda.

X named Him a
Y named Him b
Z named Him c
and Q named Him d

the list goes on -- each devotee has the opportunity to name Him per the lIlA and guNa (qualities) that point to the devotee's focus and rasa (mellow, relationship and mood of devotion).

Would like to write this song down and translate it some day. It is sweet to listen to anyways

Joyo Radhe Govindo S S RAdhe Govindo

** STATUTORY WARNING: Too much listening to such intoxicating bhajans may potentially render the devotee motiveless and having little or no interest in the world.