What if I have unlimited excuses for not chanting Hare Krishna?

Q: What shall I do to increase my love for Radha Shyamasundar?

A: Please chant the holy names of the divine couple to awaken love for the divine couple, as Lord Caitanya, an incarnation of Them both has demonstrated and recommended.

Q: How many rounds every day?

A: Chanting in the association of devotees dedicated to the Lord's service is even more powerful. Chant at least 16 rounds and build up gradually. Practice perfect attention while chanting as the name is the Lord Himself.

Q: Materialistic world, and work pressure is so much that I only chant 4 to 5 rounds but not 16 rounds. Is there any way I can increase my attachment with Krishna without chanting?

A: You can chant in the shower, you can chant in the car, so many opportunities are there. You can also pray. You can pray for the intelligence to arrange your life so you have time to chant!

Q: But as you said chanting should be done attentively. While taking shower or driving a car, attentive chanting is not possible. Will that count? Will Krishna accept me?

A: Not as japa, but as kirtana!

Q: Alright. If I do kirtana of Radha Krishna bhajans, is this another form of japa?

A : It is chanting. The dharma is chanting. Japa is just to make sure you chant enough. The acaryas recommend both. Lord Caitanya did both. If you take rest early, you can rise early and chant japa before anyone gives you anything else to do.

Q: All right. Will Krishna accept if I don’t do either chanting or japa? I heard that Krishna is very merciful and loves his devotees even if they do not chant.

A: Lord Krishna came all the way from the spiritual kingdom to demonstrate, as Lord Caitanya, how to develop love of Krishna by chanting the holy name. Why then are you so attached to finding excuses not to do it?

Q: Hare Krishna. I understand. I will surely chant the holy name and going by your words and promise by Lord Chaitanya, Krishna will surely accept me. Will Krishna accept me then?

A : Yes, if you try to chant without the ten kinds of offenses...