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Whatever I have lost, can it never come back to me?

Q: I have been disturbed for the past few days. I love Krishna... but sometimes I think that whatever is done in my life is done by Lord Krishna.

A: It is a subtle point. We are all completely helpless and only by Krishna's grace can we accomplish anything. That however, does not mean that Krishna approves of whatever happens.

Q: but what is my mistake? I never expect this thing to be happening in my life.

A: We get reactions from past lives that may seem unfair because we cannot see the whole picture. Only if we are spotlessly pure devotees can we transcend all reactions.

Q: sometimes I remember that phrase “Jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai aur Jo ho raha hai acche ke liye ho raha hai”

A: That one you'll have to translate into English for me.

Q: oh sorry... “Whatever is happening is good for our life and whatever is going to happen is also going to be good.”

A: If you once tell Lord Krishna in all sincerity, “From now on, I am Yours,” He will take care of you.

Q: but whatever I have lost, can it never come back to me?

A: Well, Krishna can sort it out. Prabhupad once said if you have a problem you can go to the Deity, and say: “My dear, Sir. This is my problem” and then explain the problem.