Why are there some differences between various religions, even though their common aim is to discover and reach GOD?

Q: why are there some differences between various religions, even though their common aim is to discover and reach GOD?

A: Different incarnations of God and prophets give more or less knowledge depending on the audience. It is like a mathematics teacher tells different knowledge according to the grade level of the students. In the beginning there are just numerals and symbols but in algebra variables represented by letters are added.

One who does not know what is algebra may say "what are these letters doing here--this is not math!' But in reality, it is a higher level of math. Buddha, for example, teaches how material desire is a cause of suffering. Krishna also teaches this in Bhagavad-gita.

But Buddha did not teach about God, the soul, and their relationship because His audience was not as advanced.

Q. Isn’t Buddha one of the Incarnations of Lord Krishna/Vishnu?

A. Yes, but He spoke partial knowledge only.

Q. Sir. I would like to ask you about meat eating, which is a very much part of Islam. We see in the very first or second chapter (of Gita). How can they justify such cruel acts? And why don/t they realize that it is very cruel. And that’s not what God wants us to do if we want to see him.

A. Their scripture, the Qu-ran, is not for so advanced people. It is said that Mohammed advised against having sex with one's mother. So what class of people they were!

Q .I get your point

A. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu specifically criticized their business of killing the cow:

The Lord said, you drink cows milk; therefore the cow is your mother. And the bull produces grains for your maintenance; therefore he is your father. Since the bull and cow are your father and mother, how can you kill and eat them? What kind of religious principle is this? On what strength are you so daring that you commit such sinful activities?

Q. but why did Prophet Mohammed write about and justify meat eating. When such acts cant help them to reach god? Isn’t it like misleading all the followers? Now that it has been written in their Holy Book of Q’uran, no Muslim will be ready to accept that meat eating is bad. They will say that it’s been justified in Q’uran.

A. In response to Lord Caitanya's accusation, the Moslem Kazi replied, As You have Your scriptures called the Vedas and Puranas, we have our scripture, known as the holy Koran. According to the Koran, there are two ways of advancement through increasing the propensity to enjoy, and through decreasing the propensity to enjoy. On the path of decreasing attachment [nivrtti-marga], the killing of animals is prohibited. Scripture, there is no sin.

Q. but sir... we don’t see one Muslim who doesn’t kill animals

A. The Kazi challenged Lord Caitanya about Vedic cow sacrifices and the Lord said that the killed animals are given new life by the power of Vedic mantras and so are not actually killed. Then the Lord continued, since you Muslims cannot bring killed cows back to life, you are responsible for killing them. Therefore you are going to hell; there is no way for your deliverance." Cow-killers are condemned to rot in hellish life for as many thousands of years as there are hairs on the body of the cow." There are many mistakes and illusions in your scriptures. Their compilers, not knowing the essence of knowledge, gave orders that were against reason and argument.

Q. I wonder what prevents them from realizing such an obvious 
sin they commit

A. I just send the rest of the story for completeness:

Q. ok.

A. After hearing these statements by Caitanya MahÄprabhu, the Kazi, his arguments stunned, could not put forward any more words. Thus, after due consideration, the Kazi accepted defeat and spoke as follows.

"My dear Nimai Pandita, what You have said is all true. Our scriptures have developed only recently, and they are certainly not logical and philosophical. 

"I know that our scriptures are full of imagination and mistaken ideas, yet because I am a Muslim I accept them for the sake of my community, despite their insufficient support. 

"The reasoning and arguments in the scriptures of the meat-eaters are not very sound," the Kazi concluded.

A. So, like the Kazi, who admitted defeat in the presence of Lord Caitanya, individual Muslins can be convinced of the unreasonable violence and change.

Q. yes sir. But a very Hard Task.

A In Kharkov, Ukraine, I met a teacher of Farsi from Iran, who comes with her daughter on the Hare Krishna chanting parties, having developed attraction to Krishna consciousness.

Q. Oh. !!

A. It is rare. Often the meat-eaters are too self-righteous.

Q. yes sir. It is purely Logic. That the animals are hurt just the way we are hurt. With such cruel acts, why would God like to show himself to us?

A. And how can we expect to live in peace if we commit such violence!

Q. yes sir...

Q. its very heart breaking to see an INNOCENT poor Animal being killed by heartless demons in human body

A. Yes. It is terrible. We have to educate the people. We have to give them the whole solution of Krishna consciousness. We cannot focus on one sinful activity. If people become Krishna conscious, then they will not do any nonsense sinful acts.

Q. yes sir.

A Coincidentally, as I proofread the January Back to Godhead magazine, the e-Krishna page tells about a few cow protection web sites.
www.geocities.com/gorakshyam trust/

Q. it is true that we obtain milk from cow by non-violent means I mean we do not kill it but is it fine if we milk the cow I mean. Because we want milk from the cow. It shouldn’t’ t keep the calf starving

A. By Krishna's arrangement, cows produce more than their calves need. So it is all right that humans take some, but not so much the calves do not get their quota.

Q. ok sir. I'm very happy that such a Chat facility is available. So that we can clear our doubts. Please accept my heartfelt Thanks. Sir. I’m very thankful to this Website.

A. You are quite welcome.

Q :-) thank you sir. Sir. Please may I take your leave?

A (Yes. Thank you. Keep up your righteous protest against cow killing. It is great adharma that the people hurt the cows.

Q. Yes sir.

A. Perhaps you can assist the people on the websites I gave you in protecting them.

Q. sure. Ok sir. HARE KRISHNA...!