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The Best Food In The World

Sweet bread with chick pea flourIs it possible to live on food that's natural, healthy, nonviolent, and cheap? And tastes great?

On the menu: wholesome foods like fruits, grains, vegetables, milk products, made into meals of countless varieties. No meat, fish, or eggs. And you don't miss them. (You're too satisfied.)

This is a diet that respects the earth and its creatures. And you.

No fads here, no experimental diets. This is a way of eating that people have thrived on--physically and spiritually--for tens of centuries. It has stood the test of time.

Call it prasadam, call it the "Hare Krishna Diet"— whatever you call it, once you try it, you may be hooked.

When Krishna devotees cook, they cook with devotion, because they're cooking for Krishna. The food is first for Krishna's enjoyment. Then you enjoy it, and the spiritual taste comes through.

One award-winning cookbook--Lord Krishna's Cuisine-- offers 799 pages of recipes. And that's just one book. You can taste some of their recipes every week at the Sunday feast held at every Hare Krishna center. Or visit one of the justly famous Hare Krishna restaurants.

If everyone ate like Krishna devotees, the world would be happier, healthier, more peaceful, and more pure. The Hare Krishna diet. Try it!