First Post.

So, finally we are getting started! Welcome to all of the new subscribers who have joined in the past few months. My name is Pishima and I will be writing this newsletter on a weekly basis.
As this is the beginning of the eclub, I want to start off nice and easy with some basic tips and recipes that will be useful for future recipes. I am also hoping to get into many of the Indian spices that may be unfamiliar to some club members. Please be patient with me if some of the newsletter subjects seem to be too basic, maybe even bordering on ridiculously basic, as other club members may find them vital as we begin to expand into more complex recipes.

I am also privileged to have access to many great cookbooks from which I will be posting recipes from time to time. All of the newsletter content will be first emailed to you and then will be posted on the website in the form of a blog, where I will be able to add pictures, additional recipes and tips, and other fun stuff. I am excited to be beginning this club and getting to know you all a little more. Please feel free to contact me at with questions, comments, recipes or whatever else you may wish to share with me.

Your Friend,

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As soon as we set up the blog for this eclub, we’ll post it so you can keep up to date, share your experiences, ask questions, and connect with fellow readers and cooks.

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