What was your first impression of the writings of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada?

Devamrita Swami says:

I had never encountered an author who spoke so comprehensively, authoritatively, and sincerely. I was swept off my feet by the scope of his literary endeavors – the purity of motivation and the dazzling information of the spiritual world.

At the age of fifteen I had already decided that love of God was the ultimate goal of life. I was looking for the "love supreme," but I could never find the full spiritual information that my head and heart longed for. So, when I began reading Srila Prabhupada's books, I realized I had hit the spiritual jackpot. I was a multi-million dollar lottery winner, with the greatest treasure.

Then, the question is, "how do you apply what you're reading?" the association of devotees allowed me to see the application. I didn't just want to be an armchair reader. I wanted to be an activist. But again, I wondered, "do these people actually care about the world's problems, or are they just living in a bubble?"

So when I became convinced that they were actually doing something to solve the world's problems, I decided to become one of them.

So, in other words, it wasn't enough for me simply to find a solution for my individual situation. I was looking for solutions to global problems. Once I crossed that barrier — once I could see that bhakti did encompass material and spiritual solutions, then the rest was easy for me.

my experience

i was awarded a book named 'Lila porushottom Shree krishna' written by Pravhupada in a quiz exam arranged by ISCON in a rural centre.

Then for the 1st time i got a chance to read his book.the book was written on the Lila of Bhagaban Shree Krishna from Bhagabat.
there are truelly many explanation on the deeds of Shree Krishna and its also very informative.

So,in my view his books are simply awesome and anyone can get spiritual taste from his book......
Hare krishna.....