The Grind, December 20, 2012

Today I'm working on our 2013 Calendar.

When I started at, there was barely a calendar to be found. Which is not to say that no one there knew what day it was. But I thought our online calendar left a lot to be desired. What I desired, and what our calendar wasn't yet delivering, was MORE INFORMATION about holidays, festivals, and the observances of appearance/disappearance days of the Vaishnava Acharyas and Krishna in His many forms, with pictures, biographies, links, video, audio, etc. etc.

Now, if you by chance happen to actually visit our Calendar (can you tell I'm eager for you to see it and send feedback?), you'll see that we've begun filling in all our noteworthy dates with all kinds of helpful information—links, photos, introductions—that wasn't there before.

It's a genuine pleasure to make this Calendar information available, because in the process of gathering links, photos, and introductions, I get to find out more about certain special events than I did before.

For example, Tuesday this week was Odana Sasthi. For anyone who's not familiar, Odana Sasthi is the name for the day when the servants of the Deity of Jagannath in Puri, India start giving Him (and His Brother and Sister) warmer cloth to wear for the winter months. Why do I find this remarkable? For me, it's another reason to remember that Krishna is a Person. I'm a person (lower case "p"), I like to be warm in winter. I'm glad that I have scarves and sweaters to put on when it gets cold. Why shouldn't the Supreme Person also be happy about that?

I call this "the Grind," and I admit that my work (any work, let's face it) sometimes feels like work. But at the end of the day, if the work we're putting into sparks someone's interest in giving more attention to the spiritual dimension of their life, it's more than worthwhile.

PS: Have Deities of Jagannath in your home? It's time to break out the scarves and sweaters. Not yet in possession of Jagannath Deities? We can help.

Thanks for listening.