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As I recover from the flu
I realize that my whole life
is about recovering from impositions.

Think about yourself as a soul
with no material identity or externals—
what then belongs or covers you?

The body we are so attached to—
whether we like it or not—
gradually deteriorates and turns to dust.

Our material ego fiercely defends impositions
or whatever temporary position or possessions
we define ourselves by or think "this is me.”

I am a “this or a that,” a created handle
we cling to, with pride or disdain,
our impenetrable Twin Towers or Titanic, alas!
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While I keep a spiritually positive attitude
I also see the world is in blazing flames,
mercilessly devouring and changing everything.

Materially there is no security or shelter
& people attempt to cover this fact
or dull the brain with distractions or drugs.

For many writers this is the story's end—
in despair and hopelessness, we must endure
our suffering or commit suicide as a solution.

But yogically, all-pervading suffering and death
are a negative impetus for the divine quest
searching for clues for eternity, wisdom, love.

We discover the life of the soul
in loving union (yoga) with its Source
which changes the world into an opportunity.
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As I prepare to travel to Vrindavana
(ostensibly for Ayurvedic treatment)
I again contemplate the wisdom of my life.

How important for all of us
to carefully contemplate our past,
learning from our mistakes, recommitting to sadhana.

We all have missed opportunities and/or regrets
which we must forgive and let go of
or they become weights preventing our spiritual ascent.

So many times, we have all heard this,
but still, we haven’t essentially applied the truth
that all we have is the present moment!

The question remains how well we use it,
not being distracted by self-created necessities
and thus fully embrace the holy name and surrender.
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We show what’s important to us
by what we give our time and energy to
which is where our true faith is revealed.

So, amidst education or career,
family, service, or personal growth,
we all must remember our soul and God.

Where is my true shelter and refuge?
What are my dominate thoughts?
What do I really want?

Is my life spiritually vital and progressive?
Or do I hide behind a philosophical veneer?
If I were to die today, where would I go?

How can I become my best friend?
How can I be in the world, but be spiritually vibrant?
How I can I be in integrity with my highest values?

By penetrating, meaningful questions, we can reawaken,
we can remember, we can be positively challenged
to recalibrate, redefine, and recommit our lives spiritually.

May we all encourage one another to persevere
praying to help ourselves and one another
to live the life of the soul in love with Krishna!
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