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[reposted from Jan 28, 2017]
There is no perfect time or place,
so if we wait, we will never accomplish,
or sing the song which vibrates our heart
meant to nourish every cell in our body.

To breathe out, one only has to breathe in,
but we can’t hold our breath forever;
so begin today while you are still breathing
because there are no tomorrows or could-bes.

Only a string of nows, do-days giving potential
at least one step of progress on the miles ahead
though even a step back can help us go forward
on our forever journey of becoming who we are.
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Everyone has gifts to share and develop
if we can only begin where we are
not expecting to be perfect the first time
or to avoid experiences, some call “mistakes.”

But no, on the journey home, we slip many times
as part of the process of manifesting our potential--so
look to your soul and God for your inspiration
rather than lamenting your conditioned state.

Take heart, you are so much more than your story—
the pain and suffering which created bleeding wounds
are not meant to break you but point to your real strength
the miracle power of the soul united with God.
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This is why we must have daily spiritual practice
however hard it seems due to our busy lives
where we get caught in illusory dramas
lamenting our sorry plight and cruel fate.

We can spiritually awaken even in this life as
kirtan reminds us of the joy of the soul and community;
prayer, Japa, sadhu sangha connects us to loving Krishna
while Deities and scriptures teach us our serving nature.

Our real “job” is to awaken through divine service
regardless of the condition of our lives
we can be happy and rejoice in our souls
sharing essential truth, knowing we grow as we give.
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