What about the world situation?

Even though I'm purposefully off social sites and thus a bit "out of touch," I couldn't miss noticing that some devotees - not just beginners - are confused about the current world situation, wondering if it's going in positive or negative direction. It's confusing to me how such a confusion can happen to someone who has read (and understood) at least Prabhupada's books.
They say that there will be less meat eating and less industrial production leading to a cleaner world. However, this rosy picture is just a tiny part of the planned world future aka Agenda 2030, which is openly asuric, beginning with depopulation, currently underway in various ways. This destruction of the world, beginning with its people, is mentioned in BG 16.9 (jagat ksaya).
The fact is that people had become varna sankara due to a lack of dharmic leadership (BG 3.23), thus amassing a huge pile of vikarma, and now they are being eliminated. By whom and for what purpose? Not by Krsna and for a dharmic future, that's for sure.
Compare the whole BG 16 with the current affairs. If you can't recognize the adharma at the bottom, the asuric media machinery did its job well.
Feel free to disagree in comments, using sabda and anumana.