re Shouldn't devotees avoid drinking cow milk from cruel factory farms?

After reading this article

I got an idea I should provide also a few arguments from the purvapaksa (opposition) side.

> Srila Prabhupada said, "What to do? Krishna must have milk!"

Sure, but Krishna and devotees are different and also the milk from native Indian cows is different from that of Western cows. It's classified as A2 type (vs. Western A1 type) and allegedly has better characteristics. See basics:

or studies:

> We certainly don't sanction the way these cows are treated, but we don't consider refusing to accept their milk a more humane or spiritually enlightened proposal.

This is the usual argument for buying the commercial milk. While it could have been the only option during Prabhupada's prakata lila, nowadays we have more options, like organic milk. By buying it we support both cows in a better situation and people who take care of them and sell their milk. Organic milk is also better and Krishna should get only the best available of everything, isn't it?

> Imagine if inmates of a concentration camp were making some craft for selling in order to advance themselves. Would you refuse to buy those products because they were in a concentration camp? Wouldn't it be better to help those people by making their lives worthwhile and allowing them to offer some small, valuable gift?

We should also consider how our buying products from within adharmic systems helps in continuing those adharmic systems. Isn't it a way of condoning them?

So my personal suggestion is organic milk for Krishna's bhoga offerings (as much fits into His cups and which later becomes mahaprasadam) but for devotees either also organic (if they can afford it) or a limited amount of commercial A1 milk. That way we can also later save on medical expenses. And if you want to benefit Western commercial cows, you can pray to them. Prayers by devotees are powerful.

Thanks for your attention.

Hari Hari
ys Jan