Reality Check

"Reality Check" is a series of conversations between Mahatma dasa and Akrura dasa on topics relevant to devotees daily lives and practical application of the scriptures.

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More about Gita Coaching

Gita Coaching is a service to the devotees that helps you succeed by:

1. Highlighting your worth and potential.
2. Discovering new options, opportunities, possibilities and advantages.
3. Finding solutions that meet your needs and connect you to Krsna.

Coaching is a weekly or a fortnightly focused conversation (face-to-face or on the phone), that helps you clarify what you want, make an inspiring plan and take dynamic, intelligent action. It is focused on you and your needs, your goals, your dreams and your success. Your coach will make you see what you can be rather than what you are.

"A Coach is your partner in achieving your personal goals, your champion during turnaround, your trainer in communication and life skills, your sounding board when making choices, your motivator when strong actions are called for, your unconditional support when you take a hit, your mentor in personal development, your co-designer when developing an extraordinary project, your beacon during stormy times, your wake-up call if you don't hear your own, and most importantly: your partner in living the life you know you're meant to live, spiritually and professionally."

I joined ISKCON in 1983. From 1985 I translated Srila Prabhupada's books to Serbo-croat for about 6 years. I also served as a temple cleaner, pot washer, cook, temple president, bhakta leader, communications officer, congregational preacher, teacher, mentor, and life coach. From 2001 I served at ISKCON London as an executive secretary, life coach and Counselor System Coordinator.

For the past twenty years, I have been studying leadership, from both Vedic and professional sources. For several years I published Leadership Excellence Newsletter (now in the Vedabase 2003), and the Gita Coaching Newsletter for ISKCON leaders and preachers.

I hold Diplomas in Performance Coaching and Life Coaching from Newcastle College (UK), as well as certificates for the ISKCON VTE Leadership and Management Course and Teacher Training Course I.

By Krsna's mercy, over the past several years I have coached over 300 ISKCON leaders and other devotees in over 1500 sessions and trained about 200 devotees in coaching skills.

You can contact me at: