The midnight arati ceremony on Sri Krishna Janmastami is one of the single most thrilling and well-attended observances of the Vaishnava year. Hundreds of millions of devotees-especially in India-will flock to their local Krishna temple, and remain awake most of the night to witness the annual midnight darshan of Krishna, commemorating His historic midnight appearance on Earth during the third millennium B.C. It is a most auspicious occasion to offer service, praise and thanks to Lord Krishna for giving everyone in this world the opportunity to know about Him.

When temple doors and curtains open at the stroke of twelve to reveal Krishna's deity form, roars of ecstasy resound everywhere. After fasting and chanting all day, it is a feast for the eyes to see the deity, freshly and gorgeously decorated by teams of dedicated priests working 'round the clock'.

Twelve midnight, the time of Lord Krishna's appearance, is the time for a majestic arati ceremony, welcoming the personal presence of Krishna Himself with offerings of lamps, flowers, incense, and other paraphernalia, accompanied by chanting and dancing of the most joyous variety. has helped set up webcams in temples all over the world. When you visit our "Webcams" link, you can see, one after another, midnight arati ceremonies commemorating Krishna's appearance--one after another, as they happen, in real time, with a click of your mouse.

Narada muni once visited Krishna's many palaces in Dwaraka. To his surprise, Krishna was simultaneously doing something different inside each and every one . This year, just like Narada, you can visit to see how Lord Krishna is being worshiped in His temples all over the world, and how His devotees are celebrating His divine appearance.

Experience the thrill of witnessing the moment of Krishna's appearance as many times (almost!) as there are time zones on the face of the Earth. It is a once-in-a-year experience not to be missed. Don't miss it!