Webcast Costs Explained

Why does it cost $350 per month per webcast?

To serve live audio and streaming images to thousands of viewers simultaneously requires a dedicated web server and considerable amounts of gigabytes of traffic bandwidth. $350 helps offset the costs of broadband service, web server rental, traffic costs per gigabyte of data transferred, equipment purchase, maintenance and replacement, and the infrastructure that Krishna.com provides to bring traffic to the webcast. Any extra goes towards the deities at the local temples.

Here's a simplified example: One visitor watching one live webcast for one day uses 475 megabytes of data traffic on our web server. 1000 visitors watching one live stream each for one day use 475 gigabytes. Do the math and you'll see how quickly we reach our monthly traffic allowance of 2000 gigabytes per web server. Every additional 4 gigabytes costs one dollar.

The audio and video equipment used to webcast from the temple rooms costs between $3500 to $4500 to purchase, and then needs to be maintained, repaired from time to time, and replaced as it gets worn out. The monthly donation amount figures in maintenance and replacement costs for equipment.

Please contribute generously to keep your favorite live webcasts on the Internet, and to help us expand and make them even better.

Expansions coming soon: We are exploring live video streaming, as well as 5 megapixel, high resolution cameras that upload large, detailed images of each temple room and deities. We are also considering testing new panoramic 360-degree high resolution cameras. Exciting times are up ahead. Would you like to help by donating one of these new cameras so we can install it at your favorite temple?